[Hacking tool review] Batch #1

[Hacking tool review] Batch #1

Welcome to another brand new topic on embeddedhacker site. This is my first ever review on the hacking tools that available on the Internet such as GitHub, Git Lab, google drive, Sourceforge, and even tools from the deep web. This is a good place to hang around, especially the script kiddie. Even though I do not encourage people to be a script kiddie but with the tools that available straight from the shelf, it makes our life much simpler.

Today, I’m going to review 3 tools which is

[DDoS/DoS] Impuse

Link: https://github.com/LimerBoy/Impulse/

The impulse is a great modern DoS tool for dosing web server, email, and even phone. The tool is written in python and supports both Linux and Windows. I just tested with my own phone and it works like a charm. Try to give a better thread number and you should deny the service in no time. For email DDoS, you should create a dummy email address.

[OSINT] userrecon

Link: https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/userrecon

This is an OSINT tool that searches the given username across 75 social media by using the CURL command. The script is written in a simple bash and currently only supports Linux. However, the tool is not so accurate as it is seen. Since the basic mechanism of the tool is to pull a page using the curl command. Hence, even some the website having a legit 404 status, it still manage to return status 1 to the curl (false alert). Overall is good, at least we can probe what user is on the internet.

[OSINT] DeadTrap

Link: https://github.com/Chr0m0s0m3s/DeadTrap

This is another OSINT tool which is phone-based. DeadTrap made a scan on the phone owner, the service provider (quite accurate), social media footprint, spam call risk as well as google extension search on the given phone number. However, the scanning radius is less in variety especially on social media footprint and the extension search can be wider by including multiple search engines. Good thing is, the console output is neat and easy to read.


That’s all for the my first hacking tool review. Please use the tool for educational purpose. Happy hunting 🙂

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