[Hacking walkthrough] CTFLearn: Binary (Easy)

[Hacking walkthrough] CTFLearn: Binary (Easy)

Hello there, welcome to another CTFLearn walkthrough. Today, we are going for an easy binary challenge. For your information, there is only 1 task on easy mode, it going to be a short walkthrough. Without further ado, let see the question


First and foremost, connect the server using Netcat just like the description told.

You will be then greeted with the rule of the challenge. Type Y.

If order to break the rule, you need to enter a negative value. -1000000 will do. After that keep guessing a number bigger than 10 which guarantees to lose for the entire bet. At the end of the challenge, a flag will be presented to you.

Minus minus is a plus, that is basic arithmetic. Simple huh? For your information, this is a python written challenge and you can access the source code right here.

Answer: CTFlearn{d9029a08c55b936cbc9a30_i_wish_real_betting_games_were_like_this!}


That’s all fo rthe simple binary challenge, hope you like it ;).

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